We are a uncompromising company that challenges the standards set by the industry and market. Since our foundation in the early 90´s, our culture has cultivated the seeds of commitment, ethics and innovation. We believe that the ability companies to anticipate change and adapt is an essential condition for surviving in today’s ever changing world. Rolldrap® Textile Commodities therefore constantly strives to face the highly competitive challenges of the textile industry. Rolldrap® Textile belongs to an industrial group with its own factory for finishing, dying and printing –Mercerizados Guasch, S.A., founded in 1982– and the manufacture of its own textile products, under the brands Mydrap and Rolldrap, which are marketed through the Company Hosteldrap, S.L. –founded in 2000–.


We are committed to satisfying our clients’ needs because our clients are the reason we exist. We don´t just sell fabric, but also give it the colour, feel and look our clients’ needs to successfully sell their products. This requires a personal relationship that goes much further than being a simple supplier to become a partner in the development, design and subsequent production of our Client’s range of fabrics. At Rolldrap® Textile Commodites, we believe in co-creation and our clients’ proactive participation in our processes.

We are constantly implementing new ideas. We see innovation as the capacity to go beyond boundaries and seek new ways of competing and therefore provide our Clients with the highest quality products at the best price. The constant changes in fashion require new finishes and designs to keep up with trends. We therefore have our own latest technology design equipment and machinery that turns fabric into fashion.


And although we are convinced that technology is vital, we believe that the keys to success are talent, passion and personal motivation. This is why our team of professionals specialise in different textile areas at our clients’ service. We work proactively with our Clients because we believe that it is the most powerful way to create value.



Welcome to textile 2.0, 
welcome to Rolldrap® Textile Commodities

Rolldrap Textile Commodities
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